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Wishful thinking.

Im at that point in life where I wish to have in my possession a universal remote control. You know, like the one in click—the movie? yeah. That one. 

Just so when everythings going too fast I could just pause the entire universe and take my time trying to digest every single bit of what life has been dumping me with. 

Or when I feel like I just want to get past a shitty day and I trust my instincts that when I say this day will be shitty as fuck, It will be. I could just fast forward to the day after that.

Or when I feel depressed about myself, I could relive happy memories and be happy for all eternity and never shed not even a single tear anymore. 

Or maybe I could just stop everything and just leave it at that.

Basically, I’m frustrated with life. 
Everythings going too fast and I’m sick of trying to catch up.

I love all the blessings and mishaps, but come on. 
Can I catch a break? For even a single fucking day. Where I can just not give a crap about anything.

Can I just go back in time when my only worry was if I’m placing a certain puzzle piece on the right spot on a jigsaw puzzle I’m working on.