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By @limecrimemakeup “To celebrate Lime Crime hitting 1 Million on Instagram, we teamed up with @dollskill to give away these awesome goodies! 💓 Winners will be announced via DollsKill on Oct 2. GOOD LUCK!!! #limecrime #dollskill” via @PhotoRepost_app

By @limecrimemakeup “To celebrate Lime Crime hitting 1 Million on Instagram, we teamed up with @dollskill to give away these awesome goodies! 💓 Winners will be announced via DollsKill on Oct 2. GOOD LUCK!!! #limecrime #dollskill” via @PhotoRepost_app

My Birth Story. :)

Just felt like writing this down to share with you guys so I can always go back and read and reminisce and all that stuff.

So yeah.

Here goes~

October 29, 2013 - I got scheduled for a pelvic x-ray (as suggested by my OB a few days ago) so she can estimate when will I pop. So there I was doing the x-ray thing and it was really bad. I mean I had to do really awkward positions for them to get a good x-ray of how my baby was doing inside my tummy. That night I felt pressure on my pelvis.

I called up my OB and asked if this was okay and she said that it was normal and that I’m just getting practice contractions. So I slept it off. I was 38 weeks then. 

October 30, 2013 - I woke up feeling really weak and I can’t eat well because of the pressure and “practice contractions”. My parents were scheduled to buy stuff that day for my delivery (which we were expecting in a week or 2 from today). 

I wasn’t feeling really well, and appetite-wise, I was really dreadful. So my Dad suggested that I take a nap instead while theyre out so I can get some rest since I’m scheduled for a check-up the day after.

I slept and kept waking up every few hours because of the pressure. Felt like I was gonna pee but I didn’t really have any liquids that day to even pee. So I just slept through most of the day. Around 9:40 PM I woke up feeling a really, really, reaaaaally heavy feeling down there that something wants to get out. So I was getting nervous and all that because no ones home except me. I called up my Mom and told her what was happening, “Mom, I think he wants to come out. Now.” 

When they got home my Mom rushed to check on me and my Dad helped me up to get to the bathroom. Upon standing up, I immediately felt something “pop” and I felt a weird feeling (its quite funny, actually) like a balloon or something is hanging between my thighs. It was my water. My friggin’ water broke. We rushed to my doctor which was 30 minutes from where I live. The whole trip took around 30 minutes and water kept gushing right out of me and I can really feel that Aiden wants OUT. NOW.

I texted Jiro that I think I’m gonna give birth now Instead of November 1. (We really wanted a November 1 baby). He was hopeful. Hihi. Told him to get to the clinic. As soon as possible. 

(Yep, turns out I was in labor the whole time. I just didn’t feel any “stingy-pain-like-whatevers so me and my OB kinda thought it was practice contractions.)

We got to the clinic in Paranaque and they rushed me to the delivery room. I was out of water so my doctor had to perform a episiotomy right then and there while they were hooking me up to the dextrose and injecting anesthesia. Everything was a blur.

11:43 PM - All I remember was I felt the cut but it wasn’t painful. It was just a random feeling of "oh, I’m getting a episiotomy." then I was told to push. I pushed him out around 2-3 times and I saw my baby. 

Amazing how I was able to deliver him normally despite being a cord baby. If he wasn’t, I would’ve given birth in the middle of traffic. In our car. Without anesthetics.

I wasn’t able to held my baby for the first day because he swallowed so much fluid during the trip to the clinic that they had to suck everything out. My poor baby. He was resting in the same room where I was resting and that was good enough for me. 

So yeah. We present to you, our little monster- 
Lucius Aiden, born October 30, 2013. At 11:47 PM.


So thats it! 
That’s my birth story. :)